Clients and Testimonials

  • AAUW-Seattle Branch
  • Art with Heart
  • Blue Mountain Action Council
  • CASA, Yakima County
  • CASA, Walla Walla County
  • CASA, Washington State
  • Central Washington Justice for our Neighbors (CWJFON)
  • Doorways for Women and Families
  • Earthworm USA
  • Girl Scouts of Western Washington
  • Girls on the Run
  • Global Survivors Network
  • Hearing, Speech, and Deaf Center (HSDC)
  • Kitsap Community Foundation
  • Lutheran Community Services Northwest
  • Northwest Access Fund
  • Northwest Corner Chamber Orchestra (NOCCO)
  • Northwest Harvest
  • Northwest Health Law Advocates
  • One Heart Wild
  • OneAmerica
  • Rainier Valley Corps
  • Rebuilding Together
  • SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training Fund
  • Sherwood Trust
  • Shoreline Historical Museum
  • Sound Discipline
  • Walla Walla Chamber of Commerce
  • Walla Walla Symphony
  • Washington Food Coalition
  • Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers
  • Washington Distillers Guild
  • Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN)
  • Washington Nonprofits
  • Washington Women’s Foundation
  • West Seattle Chamber of Commerce
  • West Seattle Helpline
  • West Seattle Junction Association
  • The Women’s Home


“Allison was great to work with! She guided us toward achieving our goal, beginning with the great idea for an initial meeting of key stakeholders, whom she helped us identify. We knew very little about website design and relied on her expertise on both the technical and messaging to produce a beautiful and highly functional website. We are so pleased with the results and couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone but Allison!
-Candi Penn, The Women’s Home

“Allison supported OneAmerica with top-notch communications skills during a time of staff transition. She was in-tune with our issues and voice, kept our program going strong while making improvements, and even trained our incoming full-time staff member. Allison was a great part of the team.
-Robin Engle, OneAmerica

“Allison’s focus on targeted marketing has already made a huge difference in our agency. My staff is spending less time and less money, with better results. I highly recommend Allison to any agency or program that relies on marketing and/or recruitment of volunteers for program success.”
-Candi Shute, Yakima County Juvenile Court Administrator (CASA)

Allison brings a high level of experience and refreshing candor to the table. She performed a communications audit for our non-profit, assessing things like our website, social plan and print materials, dissecting each one and providing feedback on what worked and what had room to grow. Having Allison’s mix of proficiency in communication and non-profits helped us navigate our opportunities and more clearly see how and why we could develop new strategies. We highly recommend her.”
-Tracy Parmer, Blue Mountain Action Council

“We first contracted with Allison Carney to offer a Communications 101 class at our Nonprofit and Community Learning Center. She had a wonderful mix of contagious energy, examples from experience, and concrete takeaways that made her interactive training well received by the participants. Looking at this new year, we started conversations with her on what a follow up class could be, and she heard our needs and developed a class to meet them.  We look forward to having her back!”
-Lydia Caudill, Sherwood Trust

“Allison conducted a marketing audit for us. She was great about asking the right questions to get us thinking about our marketing strategy. It’s clear that she has a good understanding of non-profit marketing, especially the performing arts. She was encouraging of what we’re doing well and honest about how we can improve. We really enjoyed working with her and we’re excited to put her feedback to work.”
-Rachel Condie, Walla Walla Symphony

“We couldn’t have had a more experienced and resourceful consultant for a grant the Junction Association and West Seattle Chamber of Commerce received. The grant was focused on business challenges and resources in West Seattle. From the interview questions Allison created, to the in-person interviews and the roundtable discussion she managed, Allison was a thoughtful and engaged professional the entire way. Given the parameters in which we had to work, Allison devised a distinctive approach to executing a solid and relatable communications plan. As would be expected, this resulted in challenging the questions we needed to answer as an organization and brought together members of our business community for thoughtful discussions. Allison was incredibly thorough in making sure that all of the bases were covered and that we understood why we were asking questions and what we wanted to learn from the experience. Her tireless commitment and guidance revealed the nuances we needed to move forward with solutions. In the future, if you need non-profit consulting or communications help, we know exactly who you should contact.”
-Lora Swift, West Seattle Junction Association

“Allison has the ability to put you immediately at ease, and her passion for your work shows clearly. She’s a pleasure to work with, and the strength of her results make you so thankful you chose to work with her.”
-Ananda Valenzuela, Rainier Valley Corps

“Allison was great to work with. She determined what we needed (exactly), met with the staff once to gather the data she needed for the project, delivered the information right on time….even though it was right before her wedding! Totally dedicated, totally committed to delivering exactly what’s needed and fun to work with.”
-Kerin Brasch, Girls on the Run of Puget Sound

“Allison helped transform our work and we couldn’t have pulled off hosting a national conference for 650 people, Closing The Hunger Gap, without her. She kept us organized, determined and committed to our goal of highlighting race and economic equity. We needed her skills, thoughtfulness, and determination to make it happen.”
-Jenn Tennent, Northwest Harvest

Working with Allison was a fantastic experience and we ended up with a tangible, useful end-product that was immediately helpful. Her approach to messaging and understanding how to communicate the direct *and* indirect aspects of our work, mission, and values helped us grow in the process. Can’t thank her enough for helping us define our message and find ways to resonate with our stakeholders!”
-Chris Langeler, West Seattle Helpline

“While many consultants claim their goal is to help small nonprofits, their content and their pricing is geared toward much bigger organizations. Allison listens carefully to the specific needs of the nonprofits she helps and while getting a fair wage, also is willing to work with small budgets. Her personality and training style is fantastic. All our nonprofits loved her and we look forward to working with her again.”
-Ani Gatz, Kitsap Center for Nonprofit Excellence/Kitsap Community Foundation

“Allison Carney is a rare combination of content expert, consultant, community organizer and visionary. Her ability to craft solutions and training for specific sectors and with narrow objectives for a broad range of clients is unparalleled. Her depth of knowledge of the communications and media field surpasses any independent consultant I’ve worked with in the past. Her professionalism, openness to critique and collaboration, and delivery of information and tools was of the highest quality.”
-Abigail Blue, Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers

“Allison Carney offers creative solutions for everyday nonprofit communication pitfalls. When deciding to undergo a name change to reflect our geographic program expansion, we knew this announcement presented a great opportunity for increased awareness and support for our mission. After meeting with Allison to discuss our goals and concerns, she put together a comprehensive communications and messaging plan. We’ve used this plan to train our board and staff, maximize giving at our annual event, and launch a cohesive year-end campaign. With Allison’s intuition and expertise, this was an easy process and quite enjoyable – thank you!”
-Andrea Travis, Northwest Access Fund

“Allison taught me everything I know about nonprofit communications. With a background in writing, I knew that I could create beautiful, inspiring narratives for Art with Heart, but I didn’t know who would read them. Allison helped me understand how to target the markets where I’d have the most impact, and together, we created a strong online presence where I knew exactly who to target and why. By helping to create the beginnings of a robust marketing and communications strategy for Art with Heart, Allison has been an important player in our ability to reach more kids in crisis than ever before.”
-Erica Sklar, Art with Heart

“I met Allison by chance and immediately knew she was an expert in her field and would be able to help us do some leg work on our internal communications at HSDC.  Allison worked with me to come up with a plan to come up with an agenda and add some structure to our Leadership Team Meetings (yes, we didn’t even have that!) She was extremely effective, she set up the team very well to ensure they were engaged in the discussion and then we actually accomplished our goal within the two-hour time frame! The agenda that she helped us create will help hold us accountable to our strategic goals and focusing more on the big picture of HSDC, as well as allow us to have time to discuss urgent matters at hand. I would highly recommend Allison to anyone who inquires, she is efficient in her process and gets right to what you need with actual results in the end, what more could you ask for!
-Renee Look, Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center

“I hired Allison as a consultant to help me plan, market internally, and execute a major shift in Rebuilding Together’s social media strategy. Allison’s natural insight, good humor, patience, and exceptional ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms helped me sell the idea to my VP, our CEO, and the Board of Directors. And they all loved the results. All of our metrics across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, and more went up dramatically. We started engaging with our influencers, showing results to our stakeholders, and generating interest that led to real-world business relationships. And Allison didn’t keep the keys to this ride, she taught and mentored my team and got them ready to take control of our online engagement empire for themselves. Not only did Allison go beyond what we asked of her in terms of results, she taught us how to be self-sustaining with the systems we built together. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
-Tim Parsons, Rebuilding Together

“I hired Allison to do a complete review of my local nonprofit organization’s new website, including copyediting and checking the links for accuracy. Having worked with her previously on other projects, I knew I could depend on her attention to detail, keen eye for grammar, and understanding of our brand’s tone and style. Before, during, and after the project, her consistent availability and prompt communication were much appreciated and made for a smooth process navigating my organization’s contract requirements. She helped us tailor the project to fit within our budget and still meet our needs, and she delivered top quality work ahead of schedule. Allison is great to work and partner with; I would hire her again, and I highly recommend her work.”
-Linley Beckbridge, Doorways for Women and Families