What No One Seems to Know About Communications

I recently signed up for Copyblogger‘s daily newsletter. I really dig their aesthetic and voice, and so I figured why not get one more daily e-mail for me to shlog through. It will at least be nice to look at.

Today’s article was 8 (Easily Avoidable) Ways to Lose Your Prospect’s Trust. They were great tips. For anyone who works in communications, definitely read them and make sure you’re not making any of these silly mistakes. But more importantly, dig into the heart of what this article is saying.

Treat organizational communications like it’s with fellow humans.

I honestly can’t tell you how many of these lists I’ve read that boil down to that. Remember when you’re marketing, the result you’re aiming for is still people using their arms and legs to get themselves over to the ATM/the voting booth/their cell phones/the ice cream store to do something you want them to.

So don’t talk to your audience like they are wallets, robots, or panda bears. They are fellow humans, and communications will always be with fellow humans– regardless of the channel.

If you send out a tweet saying, “$872 pools, pool, pool systems, CHEAP NOW BUY THIS,” it is going to sell as many pools as if you were to stand on a street corner and yell it at people. Why? Because, no matter where you say it, it seems crazy. And no one wants to give crazy people their money.

It seems simple, but I keep seeing article after article after article illustrating this point.

As a side note, stay tuned for “Top 5 Tips for Being a Human with Other Humans.”

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