Should your Nonprofit Be on Instagram?

Instagram has become an effective outlet for many nonprofits, including UN Foundation, To Write Love on Her Arms, and the ASPCA. But many nonprofits have struggled with the platform, finding little success in their hard work. As a nonprofit, you have limited time and resources. So, I encourage you to ask yourself: is Instagram a… Continue reading Should your Nonprofit Be on Instagram?

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What To Do When Your Giving Day Goes Wrong

On May 3rd, nonprofit staff members across the country cried out in frustration as their giving day platforms shut down during Give Local America, a single day of giving across 54 communities. The failure came after weeks (or months) of nonprofits communicating with their donors to build momentum for this fundraising blitz. And on the day, around 10am EST, it all… Continue reading What To Do When Your Giving Day Goes Wrong


Poverty and Decision-Making

This week, two members of my organization (Children’s Law Center and Bethesda Cares) posted blogs on the Huffington Post about the decisions people make when they are in poverty. Judith Sandalow writes about a woman making the choice between buying medicine for one son and paying a school fee for the other so he can… Continue reading Poverty and Decision-Making